A source close to Jeff Sessions reports that the embattled Attorney General has expressed his intent to step down from his appointment, effective April 31.
While the White House remains silent on the resignation impending a formal letter of intent or  public announcement by Sessions, the source reports that Sessions is “100% certain” that he is leaving his post, and that he has already expressed his intent informally within the administration.
This news comes on the heels of numerous clashes between Sessions and the President. Once mutual admirers, the relationship deteriorated as the president has scolded the Attorney General for assorted misfires, miscommunications, and political differences. At one point, Trump referred to a Sessions investigation on FISA abuses as “disgraceful”.
The source confirmed that Sessions has expressed privately his unease with “feeling as if he’s being asked to defy Constitutional law in order to chase an agenda.”
Confirmed as Attorney General on February 8, 2017 by a 52-47 vote, the 71-year old Alabama lawyer quickly became unpopular on both sides of the aisle. Sessions spent much of his year as Attorney General under fire from media and public sources, with particular scrutinies for his stances on immigration, marijuana legalization, and gender identity. President Trump joined the media when he expressed his displeasure with Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation which has overshadowed the Trump presidency. Sessions was caught in a lie related to the investigation, prompting a majority to call for his resignation last April. One year later, on April 31, the majority will get their wish.