Tedious Records, a division of EMI, is plotting a 2018 release for a 9-disc box set based around Pink Floyd’s Goonie Goo Goo or Chumbawumba or whatever the hell that album is called.
Originally released in 1969, The double-LP Goonie Goo Goo (or Ooby Dooby or whatever) is considered by many fans to be a definitive work, combining a seminal live album with a second conceptual studio record, separated into four sections each recorded individually and featuring mainly farts, whistles and scratching noises, providing each band member with an opportunity to literally shit into a mixing board.

Cover art from Goonie Goo Goo or Ooby Gooby or whatever

Well known for tracks like “Space Something Or Other, I Think” and “That One With All The Noises With the Animals and Shit”, Whatever-the-Fuck-You-Call-It was remastered in 1994 and again in 2011. The new box release will include the original mix as well as the 2011 remasters, plus 6 discs worth of additional material and outtakes from the 1969 studio sessions.  Of particular interest to fans, the set is scheduled to include a previously unreleased track by Roger Waters that is comprised of 171 consecutive minutes of some indeterminable screeching sound. It will be spaced over 3 CDs in the box set, although digital purchases will include the full demo on a single, droning track.