US Senator Tim Kaine had a Twitter meltdown today revealing a deep-seated fear of guns after skipping his regularly scheduled estrogen treatment in favor of a trip to an Arlington, Virginia eatery.
Kaine, who first tweeted in error that the vehicular attack at Ohio State on November 28 was a “senseless act of gun violence”, later went on to discuss fears that sounds he heard were caused by guns, claiming to be “in tears” and suffering from “ptsd” throughout the meltdown.
Kaine’s office reports that Kaine has been “undergoing more estrogen treatments than usual as he prepares to play the role of Penny in a community presentation of The Nutcracker based on popular television hit Good Times. Reportedly, Kaine “has received his estrogen shot and is getting back to normal,” and is “slightly less paranoid about guns than he was in the late morning hours of November 28.”