An image of former First Lady Jackie Kennedy’s ass is going viral … again.
The photograph, which shows the defined shape of the former First Lady’s buttocks and panty-line through a dress, has gone viral annually since the photograph was taken in Dallas in 1963.
Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, the wife of both former President John F. Kennedy and shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, would likely be flattered that the image has continued to generate a stir with young men across the country. She passed away in 1994, but not before getting the opportunity to address the viral image, which at that time made the rounds via television news programs since the internet was not yet a standard fixture in most homes.
“It’s a very flattering picture of my ass,” Mrs. Kennedy-Onassis observed in 1992. “Marilyn may have had the it factor, Garbo and Grable were undeniable beauties, but can any of these starlets claim to have an annual day of remembrance for a photograph of her ass? I think not.”
“It’s a real statement about the power of being the First Lady, and the power of having a slim yet shapely ass. It really was magnificent back then, especially considering that I’d birthed four children by then.”
Asked her feelings about the viral nature of Mrs. Kennedy-Onassis’ posterior, First-Lady Elect Melania Trump said, “I wish I could be the one to make people forget about her ass, but it’s so proportional and shapely. It’s just a wonderful ass.”
“She could put the ‘ass‘ in ‘assassinate‘” quipped the First Lady Elect, a former model who has previous experience with asses.
The viral photograph of the former First Lady’s ass is regularly seen by upwards of 100 million people worldwide on November 22 of each year.